Nicol - Brown Amateur Invitational

The 4th Nicol-Brown Amateur Invitational
Piping Competition

in Pittsfield, Massachusetts?


Judge: Donald F. Lindsay

Robert Nicol-Robert Brown Chalice for Piobaireachd

  1. Ken Garson (“The Vaunting”)
  2. Ian K. MacDonald (“The Bicker”)
  3. James Feeney (“In Praise of Morag”)
  4. Donald Dixon (“His Father’s Lament for Donald MacKenzie”)
  5. Chip Reardon (“The Unjust Incarceration”)

1985 Competitors

  • Glenn Campbell
  • Donald Dixon
  • James Feeney
  • Ken Garson
  • Mary Ann Lewis
  • Ian K. MacDonald
  • Chip Reardon

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